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Browse the hundreds of discounts and deals available to Seniors Card members online. Or search for a specific product or service near you.

The South Australian Seniors Card program provides members with a wide range of benefits including discounts and special offers from businesses and free travel on Adelaide Metro buses, trains and trams.

Seniors Card partners with hundreds of South Australian businesses to offer Seniors Card members a range of discounts and benefits. You can browse and search for discounts and special offers on the Discounts & deals page of this website or via the hard copy Seniors Card Discount Directory.

Look out for the Seniors Card logo, which you'll usually see displayed at participating businesses. Let the salesperson know that you have a Seniors Card before you pay so that you get any discounts available.

Some advertised specials and other promotions may not attract the additional discount listed. Check before you buy if you're in doubt.

Some businesses provide a discount to members but are not Seniors Card business partners. We suggest that every time you go shopping you ask 'do you give a discount to Seniors Card members?' – you might be pleasantly surprised.

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Take your Seniors Card with you everywhere, even when travelling. All Australian states and territories have a Seniors Card program and most participating businesses accept cards from interstate. More information.

Your Seniors Card is also valid at participating businesses in New Zealand.

It is worthwhile taking your card with you when travelling to other overseas destinations. Seniors Cards are often accepted by businesses in other countries as a matter of good will; all you need to do is ask, particularly in the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and the UK.

Add the Seniors Card website URL ( to your favourites (PC) or home screen (tablet/smartphone) and search for discounts when you’re out and about.

Use your Seniors Card at every opportunity, regardless of how small your purchase may be.

Always present your card prior to payment or at the time of obtaining a written quote; businesses are not obliged to honour discounts after the transaction has occurred.

When making a booking over the phone, have your Seniors Card handy to quote the number.  This is the seven digit number on the front of your card.

Look for the ‘Seniors Card welcome here’ logo displayed in shop windows, or near a cash register. Please advise the Seniors Card Unit if a Seniors Card business partner isn’t displaying their sign.

Even if a business is not advertised in the directory, we suggest you ask if a discount is available for Seniors Card members – you might be pleasantly surprised. If you discover a business offering discounts to seniors that isn’t a Seniors Card business partner, please advise the Seniors Card Unit. Businesses can then be contacted and encouraged to promote their offer to other members.

Shop around and compare prices before making a purchase. Your Seniors Card does not guarantee you the best price.

The hardcopy Seniors Card Discount Directory, Your Lifestyle Guide, lists thousands of places around South Australia where Seniors Card members can access a discount or benefit.

Seniors Card members can pick up a copy of the 2023 Directory from one of hundreds of collection points across the state, such as Catalyst Foundation / Seniors Information Service, or their local council or library.

Find your nearest collection point

The Catalyst Foundation

1/47 Tynte Street, Adelaide

Public libraries

Visit and click on the Locate a Library tab. Use the map or download the PDF.

Council offices

Visit and click on SA Councils. Click on SA councils list and map.

Discounts & Deals online

Browse thousands of discounts available to Seniors Card members or search for discounts and deals based on category or location.

Discounts & Deals online

If you can't pick up a copy from one of the collection points listed above and prefer not to view the discounts and deals online, you can ask the Seniors Card Unit to post a copy by emailing or phoning 1800 819 961 (freecall).

If there's a business you know of that offers a discount to Seniors Card members but they aren't listed on this website, other members would like to know about it! And there are great benefits for businesses to partner with Seniors Card.

Phone the Seniors Card Unit on 1800 819 961 (freecall) or email to let us know about them.

Businesses can reach more than 400,000 people aged 60 years and over with information about products, services and special discounts available to seniors.

More information for businesses.

All Australian Seniors Card members, regardless of where they live, are entitled to public transport concessions in most capital cities in Australia. The level of discount varies in each capital city and it is best to check with the Seniors Card office in the state/territory you are travelling to for details.

Additionally, many interstate business partners extend their discounts to Seniors Card members visiting from other Australian states and territories. Simply ask the retailer or service provider if they will accept your South Australian Seniors Card.

Check with the Seniors Card office in the state or territory you're visiting as different conditions may apply.

Visiting NSW

Seniors Card members wanting concessions on public transport when visiting NSW need to apply for the Gold Opal card two to three weeks before you need to travel. For more information including how to apply, visit

Public transport concessions in other states and territories.

Visiting New Zealand

Thanks to a reciprocal agreement between the New Zealand Government and Australian state and territory governments, holders of Australian Seniors Cards are able to access discounts from participating businesses in New Zealand. Additionally, holders of a SuperGold Card (New Zealand's equivalent) can access discounts from participating Seniors Card business partners when travelling to Australia. This arrangement does not include state or nationally funded initiatives such as free public transport.

For details of participating New Zealand businesses, visit or phone 0800 25 45 65 (when in NZ).

If you don't live in South Australia, contact the Seniors Card office in your state or territory to find out whether you are eligible.

Seniors Card in other states and territories - Australian Government

Public transport

Anyone with a valid Australian state or territory Seniors Card can use Adelaide Metro for free for 14 days in a row, under the same time and fare rules as South Australian members. This excludes National Seniors Card, Seniors Business Discount Card and New Zealand SuperGold Card.

Visit one of the following locations and present your interstate seniors card to get your temporary seniors ticket:

If you need to use Adelaide Metro services outside of the free travel times, you will need to buy a concession metroCARD. Use the service finder to locate a metroCARD agent near you.

Alternatively, you can order your ticket online before you come to South Australia and it will be posted to you (please allow at least 10 business days for delivery).

If you do not have a Seniors Card but you have an Australian Pensioner Concession Card, you are eligible for a concession fare.

International seniors are not eligible for any concessions. Find out more about discounted travel with a Visitor pass.

Business discounts

Seniors Card members visiting South Australia can also access hundreds of discounts at businesses across South Australia.

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