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Organisation, efficiency, and discipline are said to be the cornerstones to success in financial planning.

These three principles apply to many ventures, whether starting a small business, getting married or buying a house.

When thinking about financial planning in retirement, organisation relates to taking control of your finances and making a long-term financial plan, efficiency means finding ways to grow your income and discipline is about keeping you on the right track.


Getting organised with a long-term financial plan could not be more important. With the average age of retirement in Australia currently at 53.8 years and the recent announcement by the Australian Bureau of Statistics that both men and women are expected to live until at least 80 years old, we should consider thinking through the scope of an estimated 20-30 retiree years.

Setting yourself up for success in retirement begins with the earliest practices of knowing where your money comes and goes. Having a system to track your cash flow and spending habits throughout the years will equip you with the foresight to manage your changing needs over time.


Classically, the greatest fear for anyone staring down at retirement is running out of money. Being efficient with your income has to do with growing your income, by investing it to take into account your desired income in retirement, the different returns and risks associated with different investment classes and the amount of risk you are prepared to take in terms of investment losses in order to achieve your desired retirement income.

Learning how to think through a range of investments and assets and protect your income will reap great rewards no matter what stage you are in. But in retirement especially, diversifying your investments between your savings, assets, superannuation, and pension, if you qualify, is essential.


Staying on the right track with your financial goals is where the rubber meets the road. The value of knowing how to manage your spending and keep to a budget is not news to anyone.

However, many of us make the mistake of working harder instead of smarter to try to be self-controlled and live within our means. Seeking advice and help as early as possible to sort through all the information of our cash flow and investments helps us to see the long-term view and not be ruled by impulse.

Taking out life insurance is another way to work smarter to stay on the right track when things don’t go according to plan.

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