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There’s something special about the peace and comfort you feel when you’re living in your own home, where everything is just where you want it to be.

As we get older, there may come a time that it’s no longer as easy to move around our homes, or to do the things we want to do without help.

  • Do you need professional assistance caring for your partner or loved
    one in your own home?
  • Does it seem inevitable that you will have to move your loved one in to care because you are having trouble providing the level of assistance they require?
  • Do you want to lessen your dependence on outside assistance?

Well, there is a revolutionary solution currently being developed by a South Australian company, Tobruk Engineering Pty Ltd.

It’s called the Behn® Client Transfer Solution.

Watch this video to find out about this solution.

Tobruk Engineering endeavours to give people who wish to stay in the familiar surroundings and comfort of their own homes the ability to make that choice.

Some of the features and benefits

The revolutionary Behn® Integrated transfer solution is a customised bed, shower/day chair combination that will eliminate the need for lifting, extra help or hoists, when transitioning into or out of bed, offering an easy, safe solution for the bedridden or mobility impaired and a reduced risk of strains and injuries to the carer.

The bed is easily adjusted for sleeping, reclining, or sitting up – it will do all of this with minimal fuss and effort!

Once transferred from the bed to the patented combination chair, it can be used for showering and toilet facilities without needing to get out of the chair, which means less risk of falls.

The Behn® Client Transfer Solution has unique features with no direct comparison, such as a moveable belt that allows a lone “informal” carer to move the client up and down the bed using only the controller. A celebrated feature by attendees of recent demonstrations.

The Behn® Client Transfer Solution eliminates the need to bring in professional carers to provide for the basic needs of yourself or your loved one.

Tobruk Engineering wants to empower you, your family and friends, and your carers with the choice of staying at home, enabling you to stay connected with people you love in surroundings you are part of, for as long as possible.

Would you like to try this revolutionary solution?

Tobruk has a limited number of pre-production models which could be made available for trial at no cost and no obligation - conditions apply. This offer is for people residing in metropolitan Adelaide only. Call 0439 994 142 or send an email for more information.

Why Tobruk Engineering does what they do

They are a South Australian company, and their vision is to be the acknowledged leader in home based assistive technology.

Cost of care

Take a look at this conservative cost comparison to see how much you could save.


There is no obligation, so call Tobruk Engineering now on 0439 994 142, or send an email and one of their dedicated team will get back to you.

Visit the Behn® website here.
View the Behn video on YouTube.