South Australians love nature; from our gardens to the outback, nature connects us to life and to the quality of life we all value and we’ve never been more aware of this than in recent years.

It’s a relationship that is fundamental to our personal wellbeing and core to who we are as a state.

This relationship can look very different for each of us. Nature can inspire us to create, slow down, push our comfort zone, stay active, meet likeminded souls or be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Plus, being in nature feels good. We know it intuitively, Aboriginal culture values it explicitly, and modern science has begun to quantify these wellbeing benefits.

We think that’s worth celebrating, and what better way than with a Nature Festival in the State where festivals run through its veins.

The Nature Festival, now in its third year, is a 10-day open access platform (like the Fringe) that encourages South Australians from all walks of life to share their knowledge, skills, and love of nature with others through a range of events and experiences.

The events in the program are as broad as our relationship with nature itself and with 300+ events in the program running state-wide, the program has something for everyone.

The Nature Festival runs 6-16 October and begins with a bang at a free screening of ‘Escape from Extinction’ in Victoria Square as part of the inaugural Nature Festival – Film program.

This year we are thrilled to invite the WeekendPlus community to join us.

Vicki-Jo Russell AM
Chair, Nature Festival

Full program available online on the Nature Festival website.

Image credit: R Possingham

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