Across South Australia, centenarians and teenage artists are finding common ground as they get to know each other and embark on a highly personal creative process.

Participating centenarians reside across Adelaide and beyond, at Encounter Bay, Wallaroo, Port Lincoln, Port Pirie, Gawler, Strathalbyn and Mount Gambier.

These super seniors are between 99 (turning 100 in the coming months) and an impressive 109 years of age.

Approximately 10 per cent of participants are men and six one-hundred-year-olds share the name Margaret.

The Centenarian Portrait Project by Teenagers is a community arts project that promotes intergenerational friendships, celebrates life at 100 (in all its forms) and fights the negative ageing stigma.

Each teenager is tasked with getting to know a one-hundred-year-old and depicting them through portraiture in a medium of their choice, with sensitivity, empathy, and observational skills among the requirements.

So far, 37 artists have met their centenarian subjects and begun developing a portrait approach.

Over the coming weeks many more teenage artists will connect with their older person to start their mutual journey of discovery.

The exhibition will officially launch on Saturday 25 June with a Q&A session to be held on Sunday 26 June. It will be on show from 21-30 June 2022 at the Drill Hall at Torrens Parade Ground, 1 Victoria Drive, Adelaide.

This initiative is sponsored by Estia Health; the Commonwealth Department of Health; the Office for Ageing Well, SA Health and supported by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Photo: One-hundred-year-old Velta teaches 16-year-old Tilda some Latvian lullabies.