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Can:Do Hearing Senior Audiologist, Lauren Buckley, warns our readers there is a hidden risk associated with loud outings, and as there is currently no cure for noise induced hearing loss, preventing and protecting your hearing is crucial.

Damage to the ears’ acoustic system is irreversible and normally caused by prolonged exposure to loud noise – there is evidence to show that hearing loss can also occur from one-off events.

Lauren says, “During some Adelaide Fringe shows for example, we at Can:Do Hearing urge everyone to seriously consider the use of noise-limiting earmuffs or plugs to prevent hearing loss.”

If you start today, hearing loss affected by noise can be easily prevented. Consider wearing factor 30+ sunscreen for your ears i.e., earplugs or earmuffs!

Typically, you shouldn’t expose yourself to noise levels above 85dB decibels without hearing protection. In addition to event audio, we encourage you to monitor the amount of time you spend listening to music through headphones.

Considering this, it’s vital that you protect your hearing, by taking simple protective precautions.

Custom ear moulds, or rather earplugs, that have a high rating protection, and that fit well, can reduce noise by around 25 decibels – so think of it as the 30+ sunscreen for your ears.

The Can:Do Hearing Group sell custom hearing protection, made exactly to fit your ears, for people of all ages, with all proceeds going to the non-for-profit, Can:Do 4 Kids. That sounds better!

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