Researchers from the Flinders University College of Education, Psychology and Social Work are working to identify how, and in what context being a volunteer – or not being a volunteer – relates to the wellbeing of older adults.

The Volunteer Status and Wellbeing Project further builds on the reimagining volunteering project conducted last year.

Participants don’t have to be a formal volunteer (i.e., someone who works in the community with an organisation) to take part; researchers are interested in the views of volunteers and non-volunteers, including anyone who may have volunteered in the past.

What does participation involve?

Participants will be invited to spend about 20 minutes completing a confidential online survey about themselves, their volunteer experiences (if applicable), everyday experiences, and feelings of wellbeing. Questions are not compulsory; participants are free to leave the survey at any time.

As a thank you, participants can nominate a charity (Australian Red Cross, The Smith Family, WIRES Wildlife Rescue, World Vision Australia, The Salvation Army, Lifeline, Beyond Blue, Cancer Council Australia, RSPCA or Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia). The researchers will randomly select three participants and on their behalf donate $200 towards their chosen charity.

Why get involved?

Researchers hope the shared experiences will help inform the development of volunteer programs that are most beneficial and contribute more generally to understanding activities that contribute to ageing well.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please visit:

Volunteering and Wellbeing Study Information or contact the primary researcher, Ms Amy Harvey via:

phone: +61 8 8201 5818 or email: