A tearoom situated in the East End is bringing a fresh twist to a long-time plant-based tenancy on Rundle Street.

Occupying the former location of popular vegan restaurant Vego’s and Vego and Loven It before that, new venture Curiositeas offers a unique seasonal range of blended teas and vegan food to enjoy amongst vintage d├ęcor.

Founder Shannaka Houghton says when she opened the teahouse back in June, she wanted to give people an opportunity to slow down and relax amid the bustle of the city.

“I wanted to create an ambience and experience that allows people to escape the outside world, relax and just be themselves in the moment,” she says.

“Tea is a very diverse and inclusive drink. Not everyone drinks coffee or alcohol, but there is a tea for every person and every mood.”

Curiositeas lives up to that statement. The main draw of the tearoom is its wide selection of house-blended teas, which has something to please all sippers.

Its range includes the cosy Winter Solstice, which has been blended to capture the feeling of a warm bonfire on a cold winter night, and the soothing Sleeping Lion, which Shannaka claims will help her guests relax amongst the shop’s vintage furniture reminiscent of Victorian-era tea houses.

Taking inspiration from Vego’s before them, Curiositeas also offers a fully vegan seasonal food menu, including house-made scones, a daily roster of soups and a selection of vegan cakes and pastries.

Among the many savoury options is the Reu-gan Sandwich, a vegan take on the classic reuben (reuben + vegan, geddit?), which uses corned jackfruit and vegan cheese in place of the traditionally animal-based ingredients.

They also offer a Pumpkin Pie Porridge, which puts a healthy spin on the traditional North American dessert while retaining the flavour for which it’s known and loved.

Curiositeas is located at Level 1, 240 Rundle Street and opens from 10am ‘til 4pm Tuesday through Saturday.

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Words: Jason Franks
Image: Johnny von Einem