As the Centenarian Portrait Project By Teenagers continues, it’s fantastic to see the connections forged between artist and 100-year-old sitter.

In line with the state’s artistic credentials, six centenarians have previously sat for a portrait: 100-year-old Bela portrayed in watercolour in his 60’s with his German Shepherd; 101-year-old Les caricatured as a young man looking on to his older self as he played cricket; and 100-year-old Margaret starred in a striking black and white pencil piece, created in the streets of Paris, among them.

The project has matched 100 teenage artists with 100 of South Australia’s oldest residents, to create unique portraits and with the exhibition just weeks away, the artists are busy finalising their works for display.

From storytelling, reminiscing, joy, and laughter, come unique portraits, and the gift of treasured friendships between the generations.

You are invited to meet South Australia´s centenarians and discover how each artist has captured a moment of a 100-year life.

100; a celebration of South Australia´s oldest residents will show from 21 – 30 June at the Drill Hall, Torrens Parade Ground, 1 Victoria Drive, Adelaide. There will be a special celebration event on Saturday 25 June from 2.00pm and a Q&A session on Sunday 26 June from 2.00pm.

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This initiative is sponsored by Estia Health; the Commonwealth Department of Health; Office for Ageing Well, SA Health and supported by the Australian Human Rights Commission.